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Published: 22nd January 2010
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Pick, push and play - Channel Chooser offers thousands of channels, including all the major live sports channels such as,, FoxSports and SkySports...


Once you are into this site you will see that it is well designed, simple to use and not over-complicated as you'll see in all our Flops. The design is slick, modern, using a black background and the logo of the remote control is just cool.


You can easily hop around this site at a click of a button. Okay, there is all kinds of stuff here - not just sports - but it does offer a comprehensive sports section in an easy-to-follow list.


Channel Chooser is a bit elusive. The company is headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands. There only appears to be an email support form, no email addresses or toll-free numbers here.

Value For Money:

The beauty of this site is that it is free, offering live sports TV channels and videos at no cost.

Image Quality:

The image quality here is not the best, not HD like many of the other Tops. But you get what you pay for.

As this is a free service, it's not bad and the pic quality is fine for Macs and PCs, not grainy, not small or blurred.


Channel Chooser isn't called Channel Chooser for nothing, it really does have everything under the sun from adult entertainment to the best sports. In fact, it almost offers too much choice and needs to be more specialized.


As it offers virtually every major TV channel you can think of in one place, Channel Chooser is always updated. The videos are constantly updated from day to day and you can link into all kinds of live broadcasts sites.


More than 10 million viewers monthly across all genres, Channel Chooser is a leader in the evolution of digital entertainment and are all about entertaining a large audience by featuring television channels, TV-shows, movies and clips that amaze, inspire and more.

Secure Payments:

Non-applicable. This site is free! Go check it out for yourself.


With over 4,000 channels to choose from, you can expect variation in the performance. But in general, the notion of 'Pick, Push & Play' is correct for Channel Chooser and you can expect quick uploading times and instant enjoyment on most systems. Excellent.

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